Cat Ref Makes Models Price £
CAH232 Agfa Camera Ambiflex+Color Solinar 50/f2.8 lens Exc++ small dent in top front corner All OK lens bright, clear & snappy £45
CAG172 Agfa Camera Karat 12/2.8 c1948-50 with Karat-Xenar 5cm/f2.8 lens \ Compur-Rapid B,1-500 shutter, Coupled rangefinder for 12 exposure Karat cassettes no cassette+case with new strap (VVG) camera Exc+ £23
CAG111 Agfa Camera Optima 1 with Color-Agnar 45mm/f2.8 lens+case Exc++ to Mint- £15
CAG221 Agfa Camera Optima c1959-63 (Original Model) with Color Apotar f3.9 Ctd Compur+Case £12
CAG312 Agfa Camera Silette c1953 with Color-Apotar 45/2.8\ Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 8 speed+lens hood in case on strap+case Exc++ V=Delayed Action not working £12
CAG331 Agfa Camera Silette-LK c1958 with Color-Apotar 45mm/f2.8 lens \ Pronto-LK shutter+case (Exc+)camera Exc++cosmetically but shutter not firing for display or repair only £9
CAG332 Agfa Camera Silette-LK Sensor c1969 with Color-Agnar 45mm/f2.8 lens \ Parator 1/30-1/300B shutter , Metal top housing .Built in Coupled Selenium meter+case Exc++ £15
CAG333 Agfa Camera Silette-LK Sensor c1969 with Color-Agnar 45mm/f2.8 lens \ Parator 1/30-1/300B shutter , Metal top housing .Built in Coupled Selenium meter+case Mint- to Mint £29
CAG342 Agfa Camera Super Silette c1953 with Apotar Ctd 45/f3.5 Prontor SVS CRF+Case £18
CAG383 Agfa Camera Super Silette-L c1953 with Color Solinar 50/f2.8 coated lens \ Synchro Compur shutter uncoupled exposure meter coupled range finder+case Exc++All OK-speeds 1/8 &1/15 nearly always work.speeds below tempremental due to lack of use £17
CAH322 Agilux Camera Agiflex Model III ( 3) c1957+Anastigmat Ctd 80/f3.5 lens \ Focal Plane 2-500 shutter 120 Roll film Exc++ lens has a ittle haze inside £89
CAH421 Agilux Camera Agifold c1954+Anastigmat Ctd 9cm/f4.5 lens 12 on 120 coupled rangefinder OK Exc+lens bit dusty, speeds 1-10 sluggish, 25-150 OK £29
CAG421 Aires Camera Viscount 1.9 c1959 with H Coral Ctd 4.5cm/f1.9 \ Seikosha-SLV shutter CRF brightline finer with 45 & 80mm frames+Sky filter+lens cap+case Exc++ £35
CAI421 Ansco Camera for APM Vest Pocket c1922 Strut-type Ilex APEM Shutter 4x6.5cm on 127 £19
CAH421 Apparat & Kamerabau Camera Akarelle c1954+Isco-Gottingen 50mm/3.5 Westrar lens\Protor SVS shutter Brightline 50,75,90mm finder.Rapid lever wind+Case VVG some cleaning marks on lens £29
CAG821 Arette Camera Arette 1a c1957 with Color Isconar Ctd 45/f2.8 \ Prontor SVS 1-1/300 shutter+case camera well used all functions work £11
CBF111 Balda Camera Baldessa c1957-64 with Color-Baldar 45/f2.8 Lens \Prontor SVS Built in uncoulpled light value meter-Brightline parallex compensation in Viewfinder-Distance Wheel+case (base glued) Exc++DA not working £25
CBF122 Balda Camera Baldina (1954) with Baldanar Ctd 50/f3.5 Prontor-SVS Cpld RF Ok Split image RF slightly out through the range Exc+-nameplate rubbed lens bright, clear &snappy. £49
CBF121 Balda Camera Baldina c1930's with Baldanar Ctd 50/f2.8 Pronto-SVS+Lens Hood+Case £39
CBF123 Balda Camera Baldina c1930's with Radionar 50/2.8 telescopic lens+cap \ Prontor-SVS coupled rangefinder+case Exc++ £35
CBF124 Balda Camera Baldina c1930's with Trioplan Uctd 50/f2.9 1-1/300 No Case £21
CBF131 Balda Camera Baldinette c1951 with Radionar Ctd 50/f3.5 Prontor-S No Case Exc+slow speeds sluggish due to lack of use £19
CBF143 Balda Camera Baldix c1952 with Baltar Ctd 75/f4.5 Prontor-S 1-1/300 8 speed 6x6cm 12 on 120 Flash synch+ERC Exc+1&2 sec sluggish £45
CBF221 Balda Camera Jubilette c1938 with Corygon Uctd 5cm/f2.9 Compur 30th Anniversary Model CRF+Case Exc front catch will not hold £19
CBG531 Bencini Camera Comet II+case Exc++ERC 2 small splits on front of case £12
CBI322 Bencini Camera Comet III c1953 c1953 helical focus 3x4cm rollfilm camera styled vertically like a movie camera 3 x 4cm on 120 No Case £65
CBG521 Braun Camera Paxette I c1950's with Kataplast Ctd 45/f2.8 Lens-Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 Ucpld RF+Case Exc++DA not working, tripod mount marked, B Sutherland engraved on back £19
CBH463 Braun Camera Paxette IIBL c1958 (early version not marked with model number) with Staeble Braun-Color Ultralit Ctd 50/f2.8 Lens Prontor-SVS 1-1/500 CRF Cpld meter VXM+Case Exc++small marks on edge of filter ring £45
CBH442 Braun Camera Paxette IIM c1953+Westar 45/f2.8 Lens Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 shutter Ucpld RF(2nd image does not show) VXM+case poor cond £35
CBH452 Braun Camera Super Paxette IIL c1950's+Tessar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens \ Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 shutter CRF VXM+UV Filter+½ Case (Base) Exc++slight marks on base, lens buttresses discoloured, DA not operating £39
CCF101 Canon Camera AE-1 body c1978 Chrome Exc Viewfinder clear BATTERY DOOR broken fixed with tape £29
CCH111 Canon Camera EOS 1000FN+Canon 35-80/f4-5.6 Zoom EF Ultrasonic Canon AF fit lens+Canon lens cap+Hoya 52mm UV filter+rubber lens hood+strap+Instructions £45
CCH302 Canon Camera EOS 300+Canon EF 28-90/f4-5.6 Macro lens AF/MF+Hoya 58mm 1B filter+clip on eye rubber shield+cap+strap (Canon) lens silver & black close-up to 0.38M / 1.3ft Mint £39
CCH311 Canon Camera EOS 600+Canon AF Zoom 35-70/f3.5-4.5 lens+Case Exc++ £39
CCH322 Canon Camera EOS 650+Canon 35-80/f4-5.6 Zoom EF Ultrasonic Canon AF fit lens+Canon lens cap+Strap No Case Exc-back cover security marked-small mark on front of lens £35
CCH321 Canon Camera EOS 650+Sigma 35-80/f4-5.6 Canon AF fit+Cap+rubber eyepiece cover No Case Exc++ £39
CCH421 Canon Camera EOS1000F with Canon Zoom EF 28-80mm 1:3.3-5.6 G lens+cap Exc++ £29
CCAPS Canon Camera IXUS II with Canon Zoom 23-46mm/f4.2-5.6 lens APS model+case Exc++ £17
CCG131 Canon Camera Sureshot 60 zoom/PRIMA ZOOMSHOT Compact with 38-60mm/f3.6-8.5 Zoom lens+strap+case Mint- to Mint £19
CCG132 Canon Camera Sureshot AF Compact with 38/f2.8 lens+strap+Instructions+Case Exc++ £19
CCG141 Canon Camera Sureshot Max AF Compact with 38/f3.5 lens+strap Exc++ £10
CCG133 Canon Camera Sureshot Max AF Compact with 38/f3.5 lens+strap+case Exc++ £19
CCG151 Canon Camera Sureshot Megazoom 105 with f3.5-8/ 38-105mm lens+strap+Case Exc++ £20
CCG153 Canon Camera Sureshot Z 90W AF Compact with 28-90mm zoom lens+strap+case Exc++ flash function cannot be switched off £12
CCG152 Canon Camera Sureshot Z 90W AF Compact with 28-90mm zoom lens+strap+case Mint £15
CCG163 Canon Camera Sureshot Z115 AF Compact with 38-115mm/f3.6-8.5 Zoom lens+strap+case+instructions Exc+ £29
CCG165 Canon Camera Sureshot Z135 AF Compact 38mm-135mm zoom lens+strap+case+Instructions Exc++ to Mint- £35
CCH366 Canon Camera T70+Canon Zoom FD 35-70mm/f3.5-4.5 lens+cap+strap+small Carleton holdall+T70 Manual By Hove Fountain Books soft back 206pge ISBN 086343059 Exc++ to Mint- £35
CCH367 Canon Camera T70+Canon Zoom FD 35-70mm/f3.5-4.5 Macro lens+ERC.Lens has slight internal fungus Exc++ £25
CCG171 Canon Camera Z 70W AF Compact with 28-70mm/f5.6-7.8 macro zoom lens with automatic and spot metering+strap+case Exc++ to Mint- £19
CCH401 Chinon Camera CX+Prinzflex Auto MC 28/f2.8 fit 42mm Screw Auto+cap Excellent++brushed by strap lugs & around CX markings £29
CCH681 Contax Camera Contax RTS Body Only+cap black+case surface cracking Exc+ named embroidered 2 inch strap viewfinder eyepiece camera Exc++ £175
CCF621 Coronet Camera Vogue c1938 fixed-focus B&I Shutter Brown bakelite folding camera uses (Vogue 35 film an 828 type roll film camera) No Case £29
CCH122 Cosina Camera Hi-Lite 405 Body only all black Takes PX675 battery Mint cosmetically metering only registers at slow speed £25
CDI222 Dacora Camera Royal c1953 with Subita Ctd 75/f4.5 lens\ Pronto shutter 6x6cm 12 on 120 Flash synch+ERC Exc+All OK-Lens bright & clear-Speeds OK-Bellows OK-DA Sluggish £29
CEH101 Edixa Camera Edixa II (Model C in USA) c1953-57 Isconar 43mm/f2.8 lens \ Pronto shutter.CRF+case Exc+ lens bright & clear £22
CEH131 Edixa Camera Edixa Prismat+Schneider-Kreuznach 50/f2.8 Edixa-Xenar Zebra lens 42S Manual / Auto lens £39
CEH141 Edixa Camera Edixa-Mat Kadett+Domiplan Ctd 50/f2.8 M42 lens with Prism Viewfinder+Case VG £29
CEH122 Edixa Camera Edixa-Mat Reflex B? c1966+Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primotar E 50/f3.5 lens with reflex finder+case+Box Exc++no nameplate but the nearest description to fit is the Edixa-Mat Reflex B £49
CHI811 Ensign Camera Ensign Selfix 820 with Ross Xpres Coated 105/f3.8 lens\ Epsilon 1-1/250 shutter 6x6 & 6x9 on120 Synchronised+ERC case Exc Lens bright & clear, speeds & iris OK, £85
CIH221 Exakta Camera Exa 1 Exakta Ihagee Dresden+50/f2.9 Meritar lens Exc++slight scuffing on base plate Lens bright& clear speeds & shutter pre-set £39
CIH331 Exakta Camera Exa 1a Nameplate Missing c1950's+50/f2.8 Domiplan Ctd lens lens dusty ,small chip on front, iris sluggish no case £19
CIH341 Exakta Camera Exa Ia Body Only c1960+interchangeable Waist-level Finder 4572/6 screen+body cap+ERC Exc £19
CIH362 Exakta Camera Exa IIb c1965+50/f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar lens with fixed pentaprism+49mm screw star 8 filter Exc++ lens bright, clear & snappy £35
CIH361 Exakta Camera Exa IIb c1965+50/f2.8 Domiplan Ctd lens with fixed pentaprism+case Exc++ small tiny lens fungus 2 pin heads £29
CIH371 Exakta Camera Exa type 5:1959-1960. Exa embossed F/X on the front plate +Meyer Optik Gorlitz Trioplan Ctd 50/f2.8 lens•type 5: 1959-1960. F/X on the front plate. Exa embossedFX no case Exc++-webs around edge of lens iris £99
CIH421 Exakta Camera Exakta RTL1000 c1970+Meyer Optik Gorlitz Oreston Ctd 50/f1.8 lens+cap+Waist-level finder 5414/2 with rf screen +no case Mint-Lens iris tends to stick £39
CIH445 Exakta Camera Exakta Varex IIB Body Only c1960's+body cap+Waistlevel Finder 4572/2 with fresnel screen no case Exc++ cosmetic condition.Shutter not cocking to fire does not go right across £49
CIH441 Exakta Camera Exakta Varex IIB c1960's+Domiplan Ctd 50/f2.8 lens+cap+camera strap with pentaprism+fresnel screen+Ihagee Exakta original black leather case £165
CIH443 Exakta Camera Exakta Varex IIB c1960's+Pancolour Ctd 50/f2 lens with pentaprism with screen+Original Ihagee Exakta brown case shutter sluggish £209
CIH444 Exakta Camera Exakta Varex IIB c1960's+Tessar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens with pentaprism with rangefinder screen+Ihagee Exakta original; black leather case short strap-shutter sluggish £189
CIH451 Exakta Camera Exakta VX (Varex VX) (Varex X) Version 1 c1951+Tessar Red T Ctd 50/f3.5 lens hinged back with interchangeable waist-level finder hinged back+plaited strap+extension tube+outfit case £79
CIH414 Exakta Camera Exakta VX 1000 c1967 Ihagee Dresden+50/f2 Carl Zeiss Pancolor lens with interchangeable pentaprism finder+screen with split image V/F+rubber lens hood+cap+accessory shoe+Exakta case Exc++leather rubbed front RHS facing £99
CIH414 Exakta Camera Exakta VX 1000 c1967 Ihagee Dresden+50/f2 Carl Zeiss Pancolor lens with interchangeable pentaprism finder+screen with split image V/F+rubber lens hood+cap+accessory shoe+Exakta case Exc++leather rubbed front RHS facing £99
CIH415 Exakta Camera Exakta VX 1000 c1967 Ihagee Dresden+50/f2 Carl Zeiss Pancolor lens with scalloped ring with interchangeable pentaprism finder+cap Exc++l £39
CIH416 Exakta Camera Exakta VX 1000 c1967 Ihagee Dresden+50/f2.8 Carl Zeiss Tesser lens with interchangeable pentaprism finder+cap+Exakta case retaining screw loose Exc++ to Mint-oil on blades- cloudy and scratched £59
CIH415 Exakta Camera Exakta VX 1000 c1967 Ihagee Dresden+50/f2.8 Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan lens with interchangeable waist-level finder+centre spot screen+Odel strap £49
CFI121 Foth Camera Derby (original) c1930-31with Foth Anastigmat 50/f3.5 lens \ Focal-plane shutter with optical telescopic viewfinder 24x36 on 127 film+case (poor) camera Exc for age £89
CFG422 Franka Camera Super Frankarette c1958 with Schneider Xenar 45/f2.8 lens\ Prontor SVS shutter CRF (no light meter) standard finder+Case £45
CFG423 Franka Camera Super Frankarette c1958 with Schneider Xenar 45/f2.8 lens\ Prontor SVS shutter CRF (no light meter) standard finder+case Exc++ £55
CFG421 Franka Camera Super Frankarette c1958 with Schneider Xenar 45/f2.8 lens\ Prontor-SVS shutter CRF (no light meter) with bright line crystal finder+Case £45
CDF021 Fuji Camera Digital compact Fuji Finepix 2800 Zoom camera takes 4xLR6(AA0)batteries+2 (16MB+32MB,Fujifilm Smartmedia Digital Memory Cards+software+Instructions all new boxed £59
CFG151 Fuji Camera DL-15 Drop in Loading Fujinon 35mm with built in flash+case+wrist strap Exc++bright& clear £9
CFG521 Fuji Camera DL-60 Compact Fujinon 35mm Autofocus with built in flash+case+wrist strap Mint £9
CFG522 Fuji Camera DL-800 Zoom Compact Fujinon 40-80mm Autofocus with built in flash+instructions+Rowi case+strap Exc++ £12
CFG621 Fuji Camera Fotonex 200ix Compact Zoom APS with built in flash+case+strap+instructions Mint £25
CFG721 Fuji Camera Fujica GA15 with Fujinon 35 f2.8 lens 35mm compact with built in flash+case+wrist strap+instructions Exc++bright& clear £9
CFG821 Fujica Camera ST901 Fujica Auto Electro LED chrome+Fujinon EBC 55/f1.8 lens+cap in as new condition lens bright & clear all works £99
CEL182 Houghton Butcher Camera The Carbine Houghton-Butcher Mfg, Co, Ltd. London pre1920+Beck Symetrical f8-f45 \ 1,2,5,25,50,100,T&B shutter, brass nickel & aluminium interior metal ,red bellows removable back allows use of 3x4 inch plates.Exc+no strap stand loose £39
CIL221 Ica A.G Dresden Camera Ica No Model Name c1907-17with Goerz Berlin Anastigmat lens DRP Serie\ Ica 1-250 Shutter Specially manufactured in Germany for the A&N Aux.C.S Ltd Plate & Rollfilm (8.3 x 10.8)+cable release no case £89
CFI221 Iloca Camera Rapid II c1958 with Cassar 50/f2.8 lens\ Vero shutter CRF (no light meter))+case £19
CJG165 Jenoptik Camera JC Jencompact 35 AF Compact with Biotar 38mm-110mm zoom lens+case (Pentax) Exc+ £39
CRJ324 Kiev Camera Kiev-60+60TTL Cds Prism Head+Waist Level Finder with 80/f2.8 Volna-3 MC lens 6x6cm 12 on 120+cap+strap+instructions Exc++to Mint- with some tiny internal specks in lens camera base brushed by tripod mount £165
CKI622 Kodak Camera Bantam f5.6 c1938-41 with Anastigmat Uctd 50mm/f5.6 lens Collapsible bellows 28x40mm on 828 rollfilm-NOTE inside behind opening lens panel Multi speeded T,B,25,50,100/f5.6,8,11,16 Exc++all working £29
CKI652 Kodak Camera Colorsnap 35 with Anastigmat lens+case Exc++ to Mint- £15
CKI662 Kodak Camera Duo 620 c1934-37 with Anastigmat Uctd 7.5cm/f4.5 lens \ shutter B,T,1/25, 1/50,1/100 .Optical finder 16 on 620+case (Balda) Exc++ £18
CKL841 Kodak Camera No 5 Cartridge Eastman Kodak Model E c1902-1907 metal front with Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear f4-f128 Lens \ B.I.T shutter (pat applied for ) 12 on 115 rollfilm or plates leather covered , polished wood interior ,maroon bellows+case Exc++ £146
CKL171 Kodak Camera Pony Premo No 3B with Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear lens Red Bellows+2 Plate Holders 3¼ x 4¼ +original outfit case ( lid detached on hinge £129
CKL183 Kodak Camera Pony Premo SR c1900+Rochester Opt. Co Victor f8 lens/Bausch & Lomb shutter Mah/Brass Inside+3 Plate Backs+original Outfit Case £149
CKI751 Kodak Camera Regent c1935-39 with Xenar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter CRF 6x9cm or 6x4.5cm on 620+case Exc++ £89
CKG101 Kodak Camera Retina Automatic I (Type 038) c1960-63 smaller meter version with Reomar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens\ Protormat-S shutter+case Exc++ £19
CKG141 Kodak Camera Retina I (Type 118) c1935-36 with Xenar Uctd f3.5 5cm lens \ Compur shutter No Case (shutter, focus OK.R A (Rewind Advance) selector is missing A collectors display piece not sold as a working camera.. £105
CKG172 Kodak Camera Retina I (Type 148) c1939-41 with Anastigmat Ektar Uctd 5cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur-Rapid shutter+case (not original no case screw) Exc+shutter, focus OK. The 148 has to have a film in to fire. £65
CKG183 Kodak Camera Retina Ia (Type 015) c1951-54 with Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar 50/f2.8 (Red Triangle) lens \-Synchro-Compur 1-1/500 MX shutter no case Exc- £39
CKH471 Kodak Camera Retina IB (Type 019/0) c1957+Xenar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens \ Synchro-Compur shutter Ucpld Selenium Meter (Not Working)+Case £69
CKG201 Kodak Camera Retina IBs (Type 40) c1962-63 with Retina-Xenar f2.8/45mm lens \ Prontor 500LK+cap (not original)+case Exc+battery cover & nameplate missing for display or repair £15
CKG242 Kodak Camera Retina IIS (Type 024) c1959-60 Rigid body,with Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar 45/f2.8 fixed lens \ Synchro-Compur shutter , coupled rangefinder+Ceneiplan 29.5 R3 1x Filter+Case Exc++ Speeds 1/8 and below sluggish lack of use Uncommon £49
CKH436 Kodak Camera Retina Reflex S (Type 034) c1959-60+Schneider Retina-Xenar 50/2.8 lens \ Synchro Compur shutter- DA & RF OK , exposure meter unreliable some patches of discolouration in the prism finder and focussing screen £45
CKG301 Kodak Camera Retinette (Type 022) c1958 very late production with Reomar Ctd 45/f3.5 lens \ Compur-Rapid shutter with exposure value linkage- self timer -V on front plate+case Exc £18
CKG301 Kodak Camera Retinette (Type 022) c1958 very late production with Reomar Ctd 45/f3.5 lens \ Compur-Rapid shutter with exposure value linkage- self timer -V on front plate+Case Exc+ £18
CKG313 Kodak Camera Retinette IA (Type 035) c1959-61 with Reomar Ctd 50/f3.5 lens \ Vero shutter (Hot Shoe Model)+Case Exc++ £18
CKG312 Kodak Camera Retinette IA (Type 044) c1963-66 with Reomar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Prontor-500 LK shutter (Hot Shoe Model)+Case (no strap) VVG camera Exc++self timer not working £15
CKG331 Kodak Camera Retinette IB (Type 037) c1960-63 with Reomar 45/f2.8 lens \ Pronto-LK shutter (No hotshoe)+Box £19
CKG340 Kodak Camera Retinette IB (Type 037) c1960-63 with Reomar 45/f2.8 lens \ Pronto-LK shutter (No hotshoe)+Case £19
CKG342 Kodak Camera Retinette IB (Type 045) c1963-66 with Reomar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Prontor-500 LK shutter (Hot Shoe Model)+Case Exc camera Exc++ £21
CKG321 Kodak Camera Retinette IIA (Type 036) c1959-60 with Reomar 45/f2.8 lens \ Prontormat (with hotshoe) no case £25
CKG354 Kodak Camera Retinette IIB (Type 031) c1958-59 with Reomar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter uncoupled selenium exposure meter with incident light cover+case Exc+slight breakdown on lens coating £35
CKG356 Kodak Camera Retinette IIB (Type 031) c1958-59 with Reomar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter Uncoupled selenium exposure meter+case VVG camera Exc++the speed dial sticks intermitantly everything else working OK £19
CKG422 Konica Camera Z-up 70 with Konica 35-70mm Zoom+cap+case+strap Mint £11
CKG421 Konica Camera Z-up 110 Super AF Compact 38mm-110mm zoom lens+case Exc+ £13
CKI821 Krauss Camera Rollette c1927 with Rollar Uctd 9cm/f6.3 lens \ Pronto 25-100 dial set shutter 5x7.5cm on 129 focus by radial lever on bed Exc-no winding handle £25
CLH572 Leitz Camera Leica R3 Electronic (Portugal) c1976+50mm/f2 Summicron-R (Canada) lens+cap+instructions+case (no strap) Mint-fine scratch on the base £399
CLH571 Leitz Camera Leica R3 MOT Electronic (Portugal) body only all black+cap+strap Exc++ £219
CLH581 Leitz Camera Leica R5 (Germany) body only black+original packing+box (10061)+Strap+box ref 14253+passport & warranty card Mint as new £499
CLG321 Lumiere & Cie Camera Eljy Club Type1 c1951-58 with Lypar 40mm/f3.5 lens with Optical finder & extinction meter 24 x 36 on special 35mm film+green filter+case good condition-exposure meter clear cover missing-alloy deteriorated in places-no spool £79
CMH132 Mamiya Camera Mamiyaflex C2 Twin Lens Reflex TLR (Medium Format)c1958+Mamiya-Sekor 8cm/f2.8 lens synch on lens panel /Seikosha-MX shutter with interchangeable back & removable viewing hood no case Exc++ Lens bright & clear-Shutter OK DA not working £149
CMI221 Mamiya Camera ZE Black+50/f1.7 Sekor EF all black+cap dust specks in viewfinder base plate scuffed battery cartidge off camera £49
CMF362 Minolta Camera 16 Chiyoda Kogaku+Rokkor 22/f2.8 lens+ Minolta 16 slip-on UV filter+case (well usedl)-camera Exc++ £34
CMF325 Minolta Camera 16 P c1960-65+Rokkor 25/f3.5 lens \ 1/100 shutter Sync+Case Exc++ £17
CMF363 Minolta Camera 16+Rokkor 22/f2.8 lens+wrist strap Exc++ to Mint- £34
CMH101 Minolta Camera 5000 AF+Sigma Zoom Master 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Multi-Coated Zoom lens+cap £19
CMH211 Minolta Camera 7000 AF Body Only+cap+strap no case Exc++ £35
CMH221 Minolta Camera 7000 AF+Minolta 28/f2.8 AF Wide Angle lens+cap+strap Mint- to Mint £49
CMH231 Minolta Camera 7000 AF+Minolta 28-85/f3.5-4.5 Maxxum AF Zoom lens+Miranda 55mm Sky Filter+cap no case Exc++Body back door grip scuffed/ Lens slight brush marks £59
CMH241 Minolta Camera 7000 AF+Minolta 35-70/f4 AF Zoom lens with Minolta Data Back 70+cap No case Camera Exc++ /Lens Mint-/Data Back Mint- £59
CMH242 Minolta Camera 7000 AF+Minolta 35-70/f4 AF Zoom lens+A35-70/f4 lens hood+cap no case Exc++small scuff mark to base £49
CMH343 Minolta Camera 7000 AF+Minolta 35-80mm/f4-5.6 AF Zoom lens+Hoya 46mm Skylight 1B Filter with built in cap Exc+ to Mint- £39
CMH271 Minolta Camera A3 c1959+Rokkor Ctd 45/f2.8 lens+Cap CRF+Case £19
CMG651 Minolta Camera AF-DL 35mm Compact+pouch case with neckstrap Mint- £19
CMH324 Minolta Camera Dynax 3L Black+Minolta AF Zoom 28-100/3-5.6 lens+55mm (LF-1255) cap+strap+lens hood A.28-100/3-5.6D Mint £89
CMH322 Minolta Camera Dynax 3xi Black+Minolta AF Zoom 35-80/f1:4 (22)-5.6 lens+49mm UV Filter+Strap No Case Exc++ small scuff mark on top of flash housing £35
CMH332 Minolta Camera Dynax 500si Body Only+body cap+strap Exc++ £25
CMH331 Minolta Camera Dynax 500si+Sigma DL Zoom 35-80/f4-5.6 AF lens+Optomet 52mm 1A Filter No Case Lens Exc++ Body Exc+slight brushing to back, base & flash £89
CMH342 Minolta Camera Dynax 3000i+Minolta 35-80/f4 (22 )-5.6 AF Zoom lens+Minolta D 314i Flashgun in excellent condition all working £19
CMH341 Minolta Camera Dynax 3000i+Sigma Zoom Master 35-70/f3.5-4.5 AF lens+German 52mm UV Filter+Eyecup No Case Exc++slight brushing £29
CMH351 Minolta Camera Dynax 5000i+Minolta 50/f1.7(22) AF lens+Cap lens bright & clear snappy iris Excellent cond seems OK NEEDS A CARD TO WORK IT ALL £19
CMH371 Minolta Camera Dynax 7000i+Minolta 35-70/f3.5-4.5 AF lens+Vivitar 49mm UV Haze Filter+AB-700 Body Base+Cap+Strap No Case Exc++scratch on back of body door £49
CMH372 Minolta Camera Dynax 7000i+Minolta 35-70/f4 (22 ) AF Macro lens+Cap £19
CMH329 Minolta Camera Dynax 9xi AF Body Only+Cap No Case Mint £199
CMH381 Minolta Camera Dynax SPxi+Sigma 35-70/f3.5-4.5 Auto Zoom lens+cap (Prakticar)+strap (with clip for hot shoe cover) no case Exc++ to Mint- £99
CMC111 Minolta Camera Minolta 110 Zoom SLR Mark II with Zoom Rokkor Macro 25-67 /f3.5 £36
CMH382 Minolta Camera SR-1 Chrome (1962)+Minolta 55/f1.7 MC Rokkor-PF lens+Hoya 52mm HMC 81A Filter+cap+SR coupled clip on Meter+Case (Brown Leather) Exc+ working £89
CMH384 Minolta Camera SRT 100b (CLC)+MC Rokkor PF 55/f1.7 lens+strap+case Exc++ £74
CMH411 Minolta Camera SRT 303 (CLC) c1975 body only with mirror lockup feature Hot Shoe+body cap no case black & chrome Exc+scuffed base ding on prism & top back edge RHS, marks on focussing screen do not affect the pictures. £45
CMH431 Minolta Camera SRT 303b (CLC) black & chrome+Minolta 58/1.4 MC Rokkor-PF Lens+cap with pre-apperture/view button as new lens bright & clear snappy iris £184
CMAP01 Minolta Camera Vectis S-1+28-56mm/f4-5.6+front cap+Hoya 40.5 Skylight 1B filter & 80-240mm/f4.5-5.6 with Hoya 46mm Skylight 1B filter+caps+lens hood Zoom lenses+instructions+case+strap all Mint- to Mint £59
CMH321 Minolta Camera X-300 black & chrome+Minolta 50/1.7 MD Lens+cap with pre-apperture/view button as new lens bright & clear snappy iris £30
CMH421 Minolta Camera X300 Black+Minolta 55/f1.7 MD lens+49mm Cross Screen filter no case Mint- £89
CMH435 Minolta Camera X300 Chrome+Centon 50/f1.8 MC Auto lens+cap+½ case (not Minolta) with strap Mint- £49
CMH431 Minolta Camera X300 Chrome+Minolta 50/f1.7 MD lens+cap+case body Mint-/Lens Exc++ £45
CMH433 Minolta Camera X300 Chrome+Minolta 50/f2 MD lens+cap+strap+case with long nose front Exc++ £45
CMH471 Minolta Camera X700 MPS Black+Minolta 37-70 f 3.5 MD Zoom Macro lens+original cap £119
CMH472 Minolta Camera XD7+Minolta 50mm/f2 MC Rokkor-PF lens+cap+Minolta Data Back D Speed Dial indicator plate missing all working £89
CMH481 Minolta Camera XG-2 body c1977 only+cap Exc- dint on housing below wind on lever fully operational £25
CMG121 Minolta Camera Zoom 160c+strap+case+instructions £39
CMF531 Minox Camera EC+Minox 15/f5.6 fixed focus lens black plastic+Strap+Flash+Manual+Outfit Case Exc++to Mint- £34
CMH581 Miranda Camera Miranda G c1965/66+ 50mmcm/f1.8 Auto Miranda lens black & chrome+cap+case Exc+ base slightly brassed small mark on pentaprism lens has quite a few fine webs £39
CMH523 Miranda Camera Miranda-F c1963+50mm/f2.8 Auto Miranda Bayonet lens 52mm filter size+case Body Exc+ slight brush marks on base VERY infrequently the mirror stops up & the shutter does not fire Lens Exc++ bright & clear £35
CMH522 Miranda Camera Miranda-F c1963+5cm/f1.9 coated Miranda Lens+strap+case Exc++leatherette on pentaprism replaced £39
CMH552 Miranda Camera MS-3 with 50/f2 Ricoh XR Rikenon lens+52mm Haze filter black & silver+wide strap+case (with zoom lens front) Manual & Auto Exc++ to Mint- £39
CMI601 Miranda Camera Co. Camera Miranda-FVT c1963+50mm/f1.9 Auto Miranda Bayonet lens 52mm filter size+46-49mm adapter+49mm cap Meter not responding rest OK £23
CMG723 Montanus Potthoff Co Camera Montana Luxus c1956 with Deltamon Anastigmat 45/f3.5 lens \ 50-200 shutter Imitation Reptile Cover (grey & cream)+Case Exc+lazy iris £115
CNH121 Nikon Camera EM c1979+Sigma Zoom e 28-70mm/3.5-4.5 Zoom+cap all black lens bright & clear £55
CNH212 Nikon Camera F c1965+Nikkor-S Auto 50/f1.4 Nippon Kogaku lens chrome & black body+52mm Sky 1B filter+cap+Photomic Head+case Exc small ding on head above F £229
CNH236 Nikon Camera F2 Photomic Body only c1971+body cap+Nikon DP2 Photomic Metering Head+Nikon+1dioptre adapter lens fitted no case in Nikon soft bag Body Exc++base brushed, Photomic head Exc++ £469
CNH234 Nikon Camera F2 Photomic c1971+50/f1.4 Nikkor lens+DPI Metering Head+Aroma 52mm 1A Filter+Flash Connector AS1 No Case Body Exc+Head & Lens Exc++ £345
CNH326 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikkor 50/f1.8 lens+Cap with MB3 base (takes 4/AA1500 larger batteries) No Case Exc+ £89
CNH323 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikkor AIS Zoom Macro 35-70/f3.3-4.5 lens+Cap+Strap+VF cover No Case Body Exc+ Lens Mint- £125
CNH323 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikkor AIS Zoom Macro 35-70/f3.3-4.5 lens+Cap+Strap+VF cover No Case Body Exc+ Lens Mint- £125
CNH323 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikkor AIS Zoom Macro 35-70/f3.3-4.5 lens+Cap+Strap+VF cover No Case Body Exc+ Lens Mint- £125
CNH324 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikkor Zoom 43-86/f3.5 lens+Helios 52mm 1A Filter+Cap No Case Exc+ Lens Exc++ £115
CNH322 Nikon Camera F-301+Nikon Series E AIS 50/f1.8 lens+Cap+VF Cover No Case Body Exc++ £75
CNH325 Nikon Camera F-301+Tokina SD Macro Zoom AIS 28-70/f3.5-4.5 lens No Case Body Exc+ Lens Mint- £85
CNH341 Nikon Camera F-401 Body Only+Cap+Case (CF-37) Mint Camera Body Exc+name on handgrip rubbed-Serviced £55
CNH343 Nikon Camera F-401S+Nikon AF 35-70/f3.3-4.5 Macro lens+Kalimar 52mm UV Filter+VF cover+Case (CF-37) Mint Camera Exc++Serviced £99
CNH344 Nikon Camera F-401S+Sigma Zoom Master AF AIS 35-70/f3.5-4.5 lens+Cokin 52mm 1A Filter No Case Mint- £89
CNH342 Nikon Camera F-401X AF Black+Nikkor AF 35-70/f3.3-4.5 lens+Kenko UV 52mm filter+lens cap+strap Exc++ lens bright & clear £109
CNH351 Nikon Camera F-501 AF Black+Zoom Nikkor AF 35-70/f3.3-4.5 Macro lens+Cap+MF-19 Data Back+Nikon BraidedStrap No Case Body Mint- Lens Exc++ £125
CNH551 Nikon Camera F55+Tamron 28-50mm/3.5-4.5 Macro Zoom+cap Adaptall 2 converter fitted lens bright & clear £39
CNH361 Nikon Camera F-601 AF Black+Zoom Nikkor AF 35-105/f3.3-4.5 lens+Nikon strap+Lowepro Topload Zoom 2 case body Exc++ lens multi-coating breakdown 1o'clock on edge, front plastic ring broken ,2 fine scratches on edge and front of lens near centre £189
CNH801 Nikon Camera F80 35mm with Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm 1:3.3-5.6 G lens+cap Exc body lens Exc++bright, clear & snappy £49
CMH421 Nikon Camera FG Body Only+ Vivitar Body Cap Exc++FILM COUNTER STUCK ON No36-WILL NOT FIRE-MIRROR IN UP POSITION £12
CMH521 Nikon Camera FG-20+Nikkor AIS Zoom Macro 35-70/f3.3-4.5 lens+Cap Exc++like new all working lens bright ,clear & snappy £89
CNG611 Nikon Camera L35TW AF with Nikon 38-65mm Macro lens+instructions+soft carrying case Mint- to Mint £15
CNG621 Nikon Camera Lite Touch Zoom 70W AF with 28-70mm macro lens+case+wrist strap Exc++flash cover will not close £23
CNH391 Nikon Camera Nikkormat FTN c1967 Black+Nikkor-H 50/f2 lens+cap (Nipon Kogaku) scalloped rangefinder & apperture rings+Nikkor clip-on lenshood+case (Exc-) Body Exc++ Lens Exc+filter ring dented £109
CNG631 Nikon Camera One.Touch Zoom 90 AF+Case 38-90mm macro lens+case+wrist strap Exc++ £19
CNG641 Nikon Camera Zoom 500AF 38-105mm macro lens 35mm compact autofocus TTL Zoom with wrist strap+case with wrist strap Exc++ £29
CNG651 Nikon Camera Zoom Touch 470AF 35-70mm macro lens with data back ( battery fitted)+Panoramic Adapter+Case Exc++ to Mint- £29
CDO021 Olympus Camera Digital Compact Olympus SP-500UZ takes 4 AA Batteries complete boxed New £59
COH101 Olympus Camera OM-1 MD+OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 135/3.5 lens+hot shoe+cap Like New lens bright & clear & snappy £99
COH111 Olympus Camera OM10 with OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1.8+cap+Manual Adapter+2x OP Teleplus MC Converter Exc £88
COH222 Olympus Camera OM30+Zuiko 50/f1.8 lens Exc-small dings on top & base corner £39
COH221 Olympus Camera OM30+Zuiko 50/f1.8 lens+Case Exc+ brushing to base and by one strap ring £49
COH233 Olympus Camera OM40 Program+Zuiko 50/f1.8 lens+cap Exc paint bubbled on base no DX logo on front £59
COH232 Olympus Camera OM40 Program+Zuiko 50/f1.8 lens+cap+strap Exc+ £75
COH233 Olympus Camera OM707+Olympus AF 50mm/f1.8 lens+Olympus strap No Case Exc++ lens bright & clear £29
COH221 Olympus Camera Pen EE EL S with D Zuiko 3.2cm/f2.8 lens Working £19
COH231 Olympus Camera Trip 35+Olympus D Zuiko 40/f2.8 lens+cap excellent Condition all working £49
CPG121 Pentacon Camera Petona II with Trioplan 45/f3.5 lens+instructions+case Exc++ £25
CPG061 Pentax Camera Espio 60S silver body 35mm compact autofocus TTL Zoom+case Exc+ £8
CPG111 Pentax Camera Espio 115 with 38-115mm AF Zoom lens 35mm compact Multi AF with neck strap+case -all black as new £19
CPG141 Pentax Camera Espio 140 with 38-140mm SMC Zoom lens 35mm compact Multi AFwith neck strap+case as new £39
CPG102 Pentax Camera Espio 738 silver body 35mm compact autofocus TTL Zoom+case Mint £19
CPG104 Pentax Camera Espio 738G lens 38-70mm zoom all black 35mm compact film camera+case Mint £17
CPG111 Pentax Camera Espio 928 compact autofocus all black mint- £29
CPG112 Pentax Camera Espio 928M 35mm compact autofocus 28-80mm Zoom+instructions+case Mint £29
CPH101 Pentax Camera K1000 Body Asahi Pentax c1976-1997+Body cap Exc-MANUAL OK all speeds BUT METER does not seem to work WIND ON to be returned by hand £29
CPH121 Pentax Camera ME+Asahi Pentax SMC-M 50/f1.7 lens+cap Exc+slight scuffs on base & hot shoe all working lens bright clear & snappy £59
CPH142 Pentax Camera MG black & chrome+Astron MC Macro 28-70mm/f3.5-4.5+Hoya 52mm 1B Skylight filter-bright & clear, iris snappy NO Battery screw or wind on covers, lens hard to remove £29
CPH141 Pentax Camera MG black & chrome+Pentax 50mm/f2 SMC Pentax-M lens+Cap Body Excellent all working. Lens bright, clear & snappy £45
CPH173 Pentax Camera MV c1980 all black+Pentax SMC-M 50/f1.7 lens Exc++ to Mint- camera body Exc++BATTERY COVER MISSING?? £43
CPH191 Pentax Camera MZ-7+body cap+SMC Pentax-FA lens 28-80/f 3.5-5.6+Jessop 58mm UV filter & 80-200/f4.7-5.6+Hoya HMC 49mm Skylight 1A Filter+caps+pouch cases+Hama Ricoh named strap all in a Zoomster case (Town & Country)all Exc++ to Mint- £69
CPH203 Pentax Camera P30 Black Body Only+Cap Exc++battery cover marked £29
CPH213 Pentax Camera P30N+Pentax F Zoom Macro 35-70/f3.5-4.5 lens 49mm filter size+cap+Pentax Strap No Case Mint- £45
CPH212 Pentax Camera P30N+Pentax SMC-A 50/f2 lens+Vivitar lens cap+strap No Case Exc++post code marked inside £39
CPH215 Pentax Camera P30N+Pentax SMC-M 50/f2 lens+cap+strap Mint- £39
CPH214 Pentax Camera P30N+Pentax-A Zoom Macro 28-80/f3.5-4.5 lens+cap+strap+case (long nose front) Mint-lens bright & clear £45
CPH221 Pentax Camera P30T Body Only No Case+metal body cap Mint- £20
CPH222 Pentax Camera P30T Body Only+body cap+strap Exc+postcode marked on the back £20
CPH233 Pentax Camera P50+Pentax SMC-A Black 50/f1.7 lens+cap Black Body+Case Mint £85
CPH241 Pentax Camera SFXn c1989-93 Body only PFKA mount+cap+strap no case Exc+ (flash not operating) £10
CPH321 Pentax Camera Spotmatic SP Asahi Pentax c1974-78+Pentax SMC Takumar 55/f1.8 lens fit 42S Auto+original metal cap £39
CPH421 Pentax Camera SV Asahi Pentax+Pentax SMC Super-Takumar 55/f2 lens fit 42S Auto+cap +Asahi Pentax Meter Exc++ £69
CPG109 Pentax Camera Zoom 90WR Compact 38-90mm A/F Macro lens-built in flash+strap+case weather resistant Exc++ £25
CPG121 Pentax Camera Zoom 105-R+strap+case+instructions Exc++ to Mint - £35
CPG281 Pentax Camera Zoom 280P 35mm compact autofocus 28-80mm zoom lens with panorama switch+Pentax shoulder strap+original box Exc++ £39
CPH223 Pentax (Assembled in China) Camera P30T+Sigma 28-80/3.5-4.5 Macro Zoom Multi-coated lens+Cap (Hama) as new lens bright & clear,snappy £35
CPF321 Pentax Asahi Camera Auto 110 with Asahi Opt Co 50/f2.8 medium telephoto+18/f2.8 wide angle lenses+AF100P flashgun+cap+wrist strap Mint- to Mint £79
CPH192 Pentax Assembley in Phillipines Camera MZ-5N+SMC Pentax-FA lens 28-70/f 4 AL Lens (Japan)+Cap (sigma) Body OK LENS MILKY £45
CPH522 Praktica Camera BC1 Electronic black body+Prakticar 50/f1.8 lens TTL metering 1-1/1000+Cap no case Exc++ serviced lens bright & clear £45
CPH522 Praktica Camera BCX electronic+50/f1.8 EDC lens+Ensign 49mm 1A Filter+cap+½ case (base) with strap Mint- £49
CPH541 Praktica Camera BX20 Black c1988+ 50mm/ f1.8 Prakticar Pentacon EDC lens++strap+Exc++appears to fire too fast on 1sec £39
CPH551 Praktica Camera IVF Body Only c1963-66 fit 42mm Screw Auto+case+instructions Exc++ to Mint- £22
CPH601 Praktica Camera KW circa 1949 Body Only+body cap Waist level finder with magnifier fit 42mm Screw Auto- Excellent some brush marks to top all woking £15
CPH559 Praktica Camera LTL+Pentacon Auto 50/f1.8 fit 42mm Screw Auto+case+Instructions Exc++to Mint- all OK £29
CPH563 Praktica Camera MTL5 B+Pentacon 50/f1.8 Multi coating lens, closest focus 1.1 ft+cap fit 42mm Screw Auto takes LR14 batteries+1½ inch wide named cloth strap+1600A Thyristor Flashgun+Aico 2x converter all Exc++ £59
CPH564 Praktica Camera MTL5 body only+body cap fit 42mm Screw Auto+instructions+case (KW) Exc 1 ding & 1 split by viewfinder window £19
CPH565 Praktica Camera MTL50+50/f1.8 Pentacon Multi Coating 42S Auto+case (KW) Body Exc++Lens bright & clear some web round the front edge £59
CPH701 Praktica Camera PL nova 1+Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50/f2.8 fit 42mm Screw+Cap+Collapsible hood+skylight filter bright & clear but sluggish £15
CKG011 Regula Camera Regula Cita III c1956-58 with Tessar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens \Prontor-SVS shutter Cpld Exp Meter CRF no case Exc+no incident light cover small ding by wind on £19
CKG031 Regula Camera Regula LE c1959 with Color Isconar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens\ Prontor-SVS shutter CRF+lens hood+UV / skylight filter in case on strap+case Exc+base plate brushed £18
CRH324 Ricoh Camera KR-10 Black+Ricoh 55/f2.2 lens+Cap Exc+ specks in viewfinder £32
CRH322 Ricoh Camera KR-10 Black+Rikenon 50/f2 lens+Case (Exc)+Pentax strap camera Exc+base plate scuffed £39
CRG131 Ricoh Camera RZ-3000S Date 38-130mm Asheric Zoom lens+strap Exc+ takes 2xCR123A batteries £25
CRH471 Rollei Camera Rolleiflex 3003+50/f1.4 Planar Rollei-HFT QBM+Hoya 49mm screw Skylight 1A filter+rubber lenshood+Rollei Magazin 36/72+strap (Mint-)+instructions camera Mint dust on viewing screen+Ni-Cad Power Pack Mint+Charger Mint- £499
CRH481 Rollei Camera Rolleiflex SL35E c1979 with Rolleinar-MC 55mm/f1.4 QBM lens+cap+ Hoya 52mm Skylight 1B flter+strap+case Exc++ £169
CRH482 Rollei Camera Rolleiflex SL35E Chrome c1979 with Rollei Planar Rollei HFT 50mm/f1.8 QBM lens+cap+strap+case Made in Singapore all Mint-lens bright & clear base plate slight scuffing £175
CRK553 Rollei Camera Tele Rolleiflex 4/135 Model K7s Twin Lens Reflex (Medium Format) c1959-65 with Zeiss Sonnar 135/f4 lens \ Synchro-Compur +Rollei metal cap, strap & case Exc++ lens serviced slight balsam fault on the viewing lens £799
CRH581 Russian Camera Fed 3 (type a) (F170) c1961-63+Industar-26M 52/f2.8 lens knob advance+ever ready case Exc+fully operational £45
CRH594 Russian Camera Fed 4 (type b) (F192) c1969-76+Industar-61 53/f2.8 lens+cap CRF three rectangular windows ,name printed on centre window (in Russian only) lever wind, no strap lugs body number on the base+Case Exc++to Mint-all OK £39
CSG101 Samsung Camera AF Slim 35mm compact autofocus 35-70mm with data back to c2019+instructions+case Mint- to Mint shutter cover does not open fully automatically but opens when touched £19
CSG111 Samsung Camera AF Zoom 1050 with 35mm-105mm Super Macro Lens- Built in Flash-Red Eye Reduction- Self timer+case Exc++ to Mint- £25
CSG111 Samsung Camera AF Zoom 1050 with 35mm-105mm Super Macro Lens- Built in Flash-Red Eye Reduction- Self timer+case Exc++ to Mint- £25
CDS021 Samsung Camera Camcorder Samsung VP-W80U Pal 8mm Camcorder 880x digital zoom takes lithium GR2025 battery+all accessories+5 TDK 8mm HS 90min tapes(3 sealed 2 unsealed) unused+ Instructions Boxed New £79
CSG431 Samsung Camera Rocas 100 with 24mm/f4.5 lens APS Model+Case Mint- £7
CPH563 Sirius LENS 28-70/f3.5/4.5 Auto MC Macro fit 42mm Auto+55mm Cokin Skylight 1A filter+back cap Exc++ to Mint- bright & clear £27
CSH221 Soligor Camera TM+50mm/f1.8 Soligor lens+cap+case Exc+base brushed, lens bright & clear all working £39
CDS121 Sony Camera Camcorder Sony Hybrid Handycam Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Optical Zoom 40x New £59
CDS221 Sony Camera Digital Compact Sony Super SteadyShot 5.1 Megapixels 2.5inch LCD Monitor 12x Optical zoom takes LR6 (AA )batteries New £89
CDS331 Sony Camera MPEG Movie Sony Cyber-shot 3.2 Megapixels Model DSC-P52 MPEG Movie VX 6.3-12.6/f3.8 lens(Smartzoom) takes 2xLR6(AA batteries)+AV connecting cable for TV Mint £35
CDSA01 Sony Power Adaptor Model AC-L200B AC in~100v-240V 50/60Hz 18W DC out 8.4V 1.7A+ leads ( no plug on the mains lead) £12
CTI101 Topcon Camera Super Dm c1973 only all black+Tokyo-Kogaku RE GN Topcor 50mm/f1.8+Original named cap Exc++-Lens apertures slow-TTL spot on-2 tiny dot marks in Prism £250
CXL211 Unbranded Camera ¼ Plate with Clement & Gilmer Extra Rapid Aplanet f8 lens \ Kolios shutter. mahogany inside, maroon bellows+focussing back homemade accessory shoe fitted £89
CEL186 Unbranded Camera Butcher Carbine? c1920's-30's with Beck Symetrical Brass & Nickel lens\ Pneumatic Automat TBI-1/100 shutter-plate 8x11cm & rollfim 6x9 on120 back-black bellows-no name plate £49
CKL941 Unbranded Camera with Rectimat Symetrical f8 unctd lens \ Bausch & Lomb Opt Co Pat. Appd 1898-1901shutter 7.5 x 10 cm (3 x 4 inch) rollfilm+plate back Magenta bellows Nickel flip up finder Exc+ spririt level dry £89
CVG031 Vivitar Camera TW35 with built in 80mm Telephoto & 35mm Wide Angle Lenses, built in flash. Electronic DX film pickup, auto wind & rewind+wrist strap Exc++ £12
CVH201 Vivitar Camera v2000 Black+Vivitar 50/f1.7 MC lens+cap excellent base plate scuffed lens bright & clear , iris snappy £29
CVH301 Vivitar Camera v3000 Chrome+Vivitar 28-70/f3.5-4.8 MC Macro Focusing Zoom+cap lens bright & clear , iris snappy excellent 2 brush marks top front edge of the prism £39
CVF181 Voigtlander Camera Bessa with Skopar 10.5cm/f3.5 lens \ 1-1/200 T&B shutter c1937 6x9cm on 120 finder with cover+case Very good ,lens bright,shutter pre-fires, speeds work OK if DA is set £99
CVG267 Voigtlander Camera Vito B (1954) Small viewfinder with Color Skopar 50/3.5 lens \ Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 shutter+case (VG) Camera Exc++Speeds OK but 1 & 2 sluggish £35
CVG268 Voigtlander Camera Vito B (1954) Small viewfinder with Color Skopar 50/3.5 lens \ Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 shutter+case all Exc++ to Mint- shutter pre-fires on winding £35
CVG265 Voigtlander Camera Vito B (1954) Small viewfinder with Color Skopar 50/3.5 lens \ Prontor-SVS 1-1/300 shutter+case with short strap all Exc++Speeds OK DA not working £39
CVG311 Voigtlander Camera Vito BL (1956) with Color Skopar 50/f3.5 lens \ Prontor-SVS shutter with Crystal finder& internal frame with uncoupled Bewi selenium meter+incident light cover+case (Exc++ no nameplate) Camera Exc++Exp meter (some marks on top), DA & speeds OK £69
CVG321 Voigtlander Camera Vito BL (1957a) with Color Skopar 50/f2.8 lens \ Prontor-SVS shutter with Crystal finder & flat Bertram+case Exc++marks on base-meter faulty-DA not working-speeds OK £59
CVG331 Voigtlander Camera Vito BL (1957a) with Color Skopar 50/f3.5 lens \ Prontor-SVS shutter with flat Bertram meter no incident light cover+case all Exc+Exp meter top brassed, Exp Meter ,Speeds OK DA not working £49
CVG354 Voigtlander Camera Vito CL c1962 with Color Skopar 50/f3.5 lens \ Prontor-SV shutter+Case Coupled exposure meter £39
CVG361 Voigtlander Camera Vito CL c1962 with Color-Skopar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto LK shutter+Actina hood in case on strap+Case Coupled exposure meter Exc+DA & 1/15 speed sticks £39
CVG352 Voigtlander Camera Vito CL c1962 with Lanthar 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto-LK shutter black & silver release trigger / model on top plate in raised polished chrome+case (Exc split on top of front cover) Camera Exc++ £39
CVG361 Voigtlander Camera Vito CL c1962 with Lanthar 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto-LK shutter brushed chrome release trigger / model on top plate inset black painted+case well used camera Exc+except some pitting by tripod bush and wind on lever £29
CVG382 Voigtlander Camera Vito CL De-luxe model c1962 with Color-Skopar 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto 500LK shutter black & silver release trigger / model on top plate in raised polished chrome under make+case (average ).Camera Mint-post code on base plate £59
CVG392 Voigtlander Camera Vito CLR c1962 with Color-Skopar 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto 500LK shutter+case Exc++ rangefinder only shows split image against a dark / close object,meter works but perspex cover loose, DA not working, lens clean & bright £32
CVG391 Voigtlander Camera Vito CLR c1962 with Lanthar 50/f2.8 lens \ Pronto 500LK shutter coupled exposure meter CRF+case+instructions Exc++blemish in crystal finder, fully functional including DA, optics clean & bright £45
CVG501 Voigtlander Camera Vitoret D (square) c1966-71 with Lanther 50/f2.8 lens \ Prontor 125 shutter+case built-in exposure meter Exc++ £21
CWG121 Welta Camera Weltix c1939 with Cassar 5cm/f2.9 lens \ Compur shutter. A folding 35mm model+case (Beno) well used camera Exc-Shutter OK excluding B £25
CYH121 Yashica Camera 108 Multi Prgamme+Yashica M 50/f2 lens+r+OTC copy instructions+Hunter 52mm UV Filter+Case Exc++ £59
CYH221 Yashica Camera FX-D Quartz+Yashica 50/f2 lens Chrome+Cap (Sigma)+Hoya HMC 52mm Skylight 1B filter Body Exc++ lens bright & clear tiny air bubble auto Iris fast £29
CYH321 Yashica Camera T5 with Carl Zeiss Tessar Red T 35/f3.5 lens EXC++to Mint-one small mark on battery cover £160
CYH421 Yashica Camera Yashica Reflex 35J body only+ycap+Yashica Meter Shutter speeds faulty blind will not always wind on. Exp meter registers but not tested £10
CCH431 Zeiss Carl Camera Werramatic De-Lux Automatic+Tessar Ctd 50/f2.8 lens \ Prestor RVS 1-1/750 shutter coupled rangefinder & exposure meter+lens hood+lens cap+case Exc+perspex meter cover cracked rangefinder & meter not functional £35
CZI022 Zeiss Ikon Camera Baby Box Tengor 54/18 c1934 with Goerz Frontar Uctd 11cm lens 3x4cm on 127 No Case sliding lever between the red windows £35
CZI031 Zeiss Ikon Camera Box Tengor 54/18e c1931 with Novar 5cm/ f6.3 lens 3x4cm on 127 with spool ,cable release button & lens hood No Case £49
CZI051 Zeiss Ikon Camera Box Tengor 54/2 c1926-28 with Goerz Frontar Uctd 11cm lens 6x9cm on 120 Exc++ £23
CZG022 Zeiss Ikon Camera Colora F(10.0641) c1964-65 with Novica 50/f2.8 lens \ Prontor 125 shutter with an AG-1 flash bulb holder in the top plate+case £19
CZI121 Zeiss Ikon Camera Contaflex (10.1102) (Black) Voigtlander Made in West Germany.c1967-71 126 cartridge film SLR camera. 28x28mm+ Interchangeable Color-Pantar 45/f2.8 lens \ Synchro Compur shutter somewhat rare £179
CZI161 Zeiss Ikon Camera Contaflex 1 861/24 Made in Germany Stuttgart+Tessar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Synchro Compur shutter+special spool lens Exc++ slight brushing on base by tripod mount bright & clear snappy £29
CZG232 Zeiss Ikon Camera Contina Ia (526/24) c1958 with Pantar Ctd 45/f2.8 lens \ Prontor 250S shutter+Case (plastic top cracked) Exc+1/30 &1/60 too fast- DA, B,1/125&1/250 OK £6
CZG241 Zeiss Ikon Camera Contina Ic 10.0603 c1958-60 with Pantar 45mm/f2.8 coated lens \ Prontor SVS 1-1/500. NOTE the shutter is normally 1-1/300 for this model+case Excellent++Delayed Action not working £35
CZG341 Zeiss Ikon Camera Contina Novar-Anastigmat 50mm/f3.5 coated lens \ Prontor SVS Exc+Lens bright& clear all working £12
CZI226 Zeiss Ikon Camera Ikonta B (523/16) with Novar Coated 75mm/f4.5 lens \ Prontor-SV 6x6cm 12 on 120 Flash synch+case Exc++ small ding by colour dial Serviced Uncommon model £109
CZI314 Zeiss Ikon Camera Nettar (517/16) c1949-57 with Novar 75/f6.3 lens \ Vario (3 Speed) shutter 6x6cm 12 on 120 Flash synch+case Exc++some webs in lens £19
CZI331 Zeiss Ikon Camera Nettar (518/16) c1934 with Novar 75mm/f4.5 lens \ Velio shutter 6x6cm 12 on 120 Flash synch+pouch case(Exc+) Camera Exc++ £35
CRH882 Zenit Camera Zenit E 58/f2 Helios-44-2 lens+cap+case Exc++ £15
CRH872 Zenit Camera Zenit EM Body only+cap+case+instructions B,E EM original 48pge English Exc++ £29
CRH861 Zenit Camera Zenit-3M 50/f3.5 Industar lens+case Exc+ working some small specks in the lens £29