UPDATED 21/12/03

Cat Ref Makes Models Price £
CAI131 Adox Camera Sport c1950 with Radionar 105/f4.5 Vario 1-1/200 3 speed dual format for 6X9cm or 6X4.5cm on 120 6x9 only as no 6x4.5cm mask Optical Finder Synch+Yellow push on filter+Pouch Case Exc+speeds OK £27
CAI221 Agfa Camera Isolette 1 c1952-60 Agnar 85/f4.5 \ Vario 3 speed 6x6cm on 120 film+Case Exc+ £14
CAI231 Agfa Camera Isolette L c1957-60 (Last model) with Color Apotar Ctd 85/f4.5 Pronto Ucpld Built in Exp Meter No Rangefinder for slides & photos 12 exp 6x6cm or 24 exp 24x36mm on120 film masks in back & in viewfinder+Case Exc++ £73
CAI261 Agfa Camera Speedex Clack with Bilinar Uctd f11+Case (Chrome & Enamel Side Panels Art Deco Style) 6X9cm on 120 folding bellows £35
CAI271 Agfa Camera Speedex Compur c1933-36 with Apotar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 Compur Rapid 6X9cm on 120+Case (Chrome & Enamel Side Panels) £43
CAI282 Agilux Camera Agifold (rangefinder earlier model) c1950's with Anastigmat 90/f4.5 coated lens \ Shutter 1-1/300 8 speeds+B 6x6cm on 120 Exc+ with Agilux lenshood metal Mint-+Original Boxes £49
CAI292 Agilux Camera Agifold (rangefinder model) c1955 with Anastigmat 75/f4.5 coated lens \ Shutter 1-1/350+B 6x6cm on 120+Agilux lenshood rubber+Agilux No1 supplementary lens+Case Exc++Slow speeds sluggish £59
CAI411 APM Camera Rajar No.6 c1929 folder with 4 cross-swing struts-type in bakelite uses Rajar No.6 spool only+leather case Exc £23
CAI421 APM Camera Vest Pocket c1922 Strut-type Ilex APEM Shutter 4x6.5cm on 127 No Case Made by Ansco £27
CBI151 Balda Camera Baldix c1952 with Baltar Ctd 75/f2.9 Prontor-S 1-1/250 8 speed 6x6cm on 120+ERC(Not Original) Exc++ DA &1+2 sec sluggish £39
CBI161 Balda Camera Baldix c1952 with Baltar Ctd 75/f4.5 Prontor-S 1-1/300 8 speed 6x6cm on 120 Synch+ERC Exc+1&2 sec sluggish £41
CBI321 Bencini Camera Comet 3 c1953 3x4cm rollfilm camera styled vertically like a movie camera 3x4cm on 120+Cap+Case £53
CBI422 Butcher Camera Watch Pocket Carbine c1910's-20's with Aldis Uno Uctd 4¾ inch/f7.7 lens\ Lucos II shutter 6x9cm on 120+Case Complete and working spool holder pin missing £35
CBI423 Butcher Camera Watch Pocket Carbine c1910's-20's Lucos I 127 film £19
CCI021 Canon Camera Sureshot 105 Zoom 38-105mm+Case Exc+ serviced Jan 2003 £59
CCI132 Certo Camera Supersport Certo c1935-41 (all the features of the Dolly model but not named on the body) with Trioplan Uctd 7.5cm/f2.9\ Compur shutter, Uncpld RF Black & Nickel 6x6cm or 6x4.5cm on 120 No Case £79
CCI321 Contessa Camera Picolette (201) c1919-26 Folding vest-pocket with Tessar Uctd 7.5cm/f4.5 lens\ Compur shutter 4x6.5cm on 127+Pouch Case £89
CDI121 Dacora Camera Daci c1950's Green Metal box camera for 12 exp 6x6cm on 120+Case £37
CDI221 Dacora Camera Royal c1953 with Subita Ctd 75/f4.5 lens\ Pronto shutter Ucpld RF 6x6cm on 120+Case £47
CEI381 Exakta Camera folding rollfilm c1920's-30's withTessar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 lens\ Compur shutter 6x8.5cm on 120 No Case £45
CFI222 Franka Camera Solida III c1950's with Radionar 80/f2.9 lens \ Prontor-S 1-1/250 8 Speed+Instructions+Price List+Box+Case Exc+ Made in Germany US-Zone £53
CGI421 Goerz Camera 4x6.5cm Vest Pocket c1921 with Kalosigmat Uctd 7.5cm/f6.8 lens\ Compur 1-1/300 shutter 4X6.5cm on127 Rollfilm+Pouch Case £149
CHI221 Houghton Camera Ensign E29 Portrait Box Camera c1920's black takes E29, 29 or 129 film+Case £8
CHI352 Houghton Camera Ensign Ensignette No2 Pat 28464 c1907 brass body with f11 lens\T&I shutter 2x3 inch on 129 with removable brass film carrier+Case Exc-some brassing £42
CHI681 Houghton Camera Ensign Selfix 820 1950's with Ross Xpres Coated 105/f3.8 lens \ Epsilon 1-1/250 shutter 6x9cm or 6x6cm on 120/620 No Case Exc £99
CHI921 Hunter Camera Purma Special c1930's with Beck 2¼ inch/f6.3 lens \Focal plane 3 speed shutter 32x32mm on127 Bakelite & metal+Cap No Case £31
CKI511 Kodak Camera 1 Autographic Kodak Junior c1914-27 6X8.5cm on 120 No Stylus No Case Exc-bellows cracked £14
CKI521 Kodak Camera Baby Brownie c1934-41 Bakelite box camera 6x4.5cm on 127 folding frame finder Exc++frame finder pitted £15
CKI531 Kodak Camera Bantam f5.6 c1938-41 with Anastigmat Uctd 50mm/f5.6 lens Collapsible bellows 28x40mm on 828 No Case £12
CKI571 Kodak Camera Regent Model1 c1935-39 with Xenar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter CRF 6x9cm or 6x4.5cm on 620+Case £159
CKI581 Kodak Camera Duo Six-20 Series II without RF c1937-39 with Tessar Uctd 7.5cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur shutter 6x4.5cm on 620 No Case Exc++ £53
CKI611 Kodak Camera Vest Pocket Autographic trellis struts c1915-26 with Rapid Rectilinear f8 lens \ Ball Bearing shutter 4x6.5cm on A127+Scriber+Case Exc+ £27
CKI612 Kodak Camera Vest Pocket Autographic trellis struts c1915-26 with Anastigmat lens \ Ball Bearing shutter 4x6.5cm on A127+No Scriber No Case Exc- £25
CKI721 Krauss Camera Rollette c1920's with Rollar Uctd 90/f6.3 lens \ Pronto 25-100 shutter 5x7.5cm on 127 focus by radial lever on bed No Case £59
CNI251 Nagel Camera Vollenda c1931-32 with Radionar 7.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Pronto shutter 3x4cm on 127 Roll Film No Case £65
CNI321 Nixon Camera Nixette Self Erecting Folder with Supra Ctd 75mm/f5.6 lens \ Vario shutter 6x6cm on 120 Unusual spring loaded front, three pleat bellows+Case £43
CRI051 Rodenstock Camera Robra c1937 with Robra Anastigmat Uctd 105/f4.5 lens \ Compur shutter 8 speed no flash sync 6X9cm or 6X4.5cm on 120+Case £49
CSI011 Soho Camera Cadet c1930 with Menicus lens \ 2-Speed shutter Reddish brown bakelite 6x9cm on 120 No Case £35
CTI321 Tosei Optical Camera Frank Six c1951 with Mube Ctd 80/f3.5 lens \ 1-1/200 shutter 6x6 or 6x4.5 on 120+ERC £59
CVI121 Voigtländer Camera Bessa early model c1931-49 with Skopar 10.5cm/4.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter 6x9cm on 120 No Case £49
CVI131 Voigtländer Camera Bessa early model c1931-49 with Voigtar Uctd 11cm/f4.5 lens \ Compur shutter 6x9cm on 120 Black & Nickel No Case £45
CVI142 Voigtländer Camera Bessa early model c1931-49 with Voigtar Uctd 11cm/f4.5 lens \ TBI 2,5,10,25,50,100,150 shutter 6x9cm on 120+Case ( no strap) Exc £29
CVI165 Voigtländer Camera Bessa I with Vaskar Ctd 105/f4.5 lens \ Prontor-S 8 speed -1/250 shutter 6x9 or 6x4.5 on 120+mask Synch No Case Exc-brushing & small indent to top plate £55
CVI167 Voigtländer Camera Bessa I with Vaskar 105/f4.5 lens \ Prontor-S 8 speed-1/250 shutter 6x9 or 6x4.5 on 120+mask Synch+Case (Exc+) Camera Exc++DA sluggish £75
CVI181 Voigtländer Camera Bessa RF c1936 with Helomar10.5cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter 6X9cm on 120 CRF+Yellow Filter (Moment)+Case ( strap missing) Exc some paint rubbed off by case £169
CVI191 Voigtländer Camera Inos (I) c1931-32 with Skopar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Compur 1-1/250 shutter 6x9 & 4.5x6 on 120+Leather Case VVG-wire framefinder+4.5x6cm adapter missing £39
CVI201 Voigtländer Camera Perkeo I c1952 with Vaskar Ctd 75/f4.5 lens \ Pronto 4 speed-1/200 shutter 6x6cm on 120 Synch+ERC Exc-some pitting on base & front surround opposite side to VF window lens clean DA not working £45
CVI203 Voigtländer Camera Perkeo 2 with Color-Skopar Ctd 80/f3.5 lens \ Synchro-Compur shutter 6x6cm on 120+leather slip in case Exc+  
CXI121 Unnamed Camera Bakelite Black (Arti-SixType) with Radionar Series IX Uctd lens Made in Paris No Case 8x9 & 6x9 on120 Exc+ £19
CXI421 Unnamed Camera Roll Film with f11 lens \ Lukos I TBI shutter 6x6cm on 120/620 with home made wind on+Pouch Case £19
CZI021 Zeiss Camera Baby-Box Tengor 54/18 c1931 with Goerz Frontar Uctd 11cm lens 3x4cm on 127 No Case £43
CZI031 Zeiss Camera Baby-Box Tengor 54/18E c1931-34 with Novar 5cm/f6.3 lens 3x4cm on 127 cable type release+Lens Hood No Case £55
CZI051 Zeiss Camera Box Tengor 54/2 c1926-38 with Goerz Frontar Uctd 11cm lens 6x9cm on 120+Case £35
CZI081 Zeiss Camera Ikonta A(520) c1933-40 with Tessar Uctd 7cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter 6x4.5cm on120 Synchronised No Case £119
CZI121 Zeiss Camera Ikonta B(520/16) c1937-39 with Novar Uctd 7.5cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur 1-1/300 (8 Speed) shutter 6x6cm on 120+Case £49
CZI161 Zeiss Camera Ikonta B(521/16) with Novar Ctd 75/f3.5 lens \ Prontor S 1-1/300 shutter 6X6cm on 120 Synchronised DA+Case £59
CZI172 Zeiss Camera Ikonta C(520/2) c1930-40 with Novar Uctd 10.5cm/f6.3 lens \ Derval shutter 6x9cm on 120+Case £25
CZI191 Zeiss Camera Ikonta D(520/15) c1931-39 with Novar Uctd 12cm/f6.3 lens \ Derval shutter 6.5x11cm on 116/616+Zeiss Cable Release+Case £29
CZI201 Zeiss Camera Ikonta (521/ 2) c1931-39 with Novar Uctd 10.5cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur Rapid 10 speed shutter 6x9 on 120+Case (Ensign) Exc+ (small piece of leather missing from base) £69
CZI211 Zeiss Camera Ikonta (523/16) with Novar Coated 75mm/f4 lens \ Prontor-SV Synchronised 6x6 on 120 Exc++ small ding by colour dial Serviced 11/03 £175
CZI221 Zeiss Camera Super Ikonta A(531) c1937-50 with Tessar uncoated 7cm/f3.5 lens \ Compur-Rapid 1-1/500 shutter 6x4.5cm on120 Synchronised+Case Cosmetic Avge Function all OK £169
CZI232 Zeiss Camera Super Ikonta C(530/2) c1934-36 with Tessar Uctd 10.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Compur Rapid shutter Cpld RF 6x9cm on 120 Synch+Case Paint Chipped £119
CZI241 Zeiss Camera Nettar (515) c1937-41 with Nettar Uctd 7.5cm/f4.5 lens \ Klio 1-1/75 shutter 6X4.5cm on 120+Filter+Pouch Case £29
CZI253 Zeiss Camera Nettar (517/16) c1949-57 with Novar Ctd 75/f6.3 lens \ Vario (3 Speed) shutter 6x6cm on 120+Case Poor Cond £13
CZI254 Zeiss Camera Nettar (517/16) c1949-57 with Novar Ctd 75/f4.5 lens \ Vario (3 Speed) shutter 6x6cm on 120 Synch+Case £24
CZI321 Zeiss Camera Nettar (518/16) c1949-57 with Novar Ctd 75/f4.5 lens \ Velio (5 Speed) shutter 6x6cm on 120+Case (re-stiched+new strap) Ex internal lacking and some external paint missing £21
CZI323 Zeiss Camera Nettar (518/16) c1949-57 with Novar Ctd 75/f4.5 lens \ Velio (5 Speed) shutter 6x6cm on 120 Synch+Case (BW) Exc+ £31
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